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The weather continually influences consumers, their buying decisions, and your sales performance. This impact can be measured and managed to provide returns across the business. WeatherSmart Demand calculates how much category demand increases or decreases due to changes in weather. Planalytics’ Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) analysis process isolates weather’s impact on sales from other factors and provides business-friendly insights (e.g. percentage change vs. last year) that companies can utilize to:

  • Build more accurate financial plans and demand forecasts
  • Monitor and manage weather’s impact throughout the season
  • Capture additional sales

With over 100 pre-built industry benchmark categories, access insights by time and retailer-specific store locations to evaluate past and future demand trends. View information by category and by retailer-specific store locations, filter information by time period and regions/markets, and evaluate past and future trends.

Learn more by downloading a WeatherSmart Demand FAQ Sheet, or contact us to learn more.